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How a State’s Largest County Accelerated Access to Essential Services with In-Home Mobile Capture of Resident Documentation

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One of the top 50 most populous counties in the country had a vision to remove barriers for residents so they could easily get access to support services. One major roadblock was the process of filling out applications and getting the supporting documentation to the human services division for processing. There was a burden on residents to drop paperwork at designated locations or county field workers to carry the documents with sensitive information into the office. Genus worked with the human services division to develop a mobile app that allows direct ingestion into the case file system during an in-home visit. The app enables faster validation of benefits for residents, improves referrals for other services, and reduces security risks of previously existing paper document chain of custody issues.
“Prior to mobile, it took about 24 hours to get the paperwork processed, scanned up into the system of record, and now we’re doing it in about 45 seconds.”
Administrative Manager

A Very Busy County Human Services Division

The number of residents supported by the county services organization profiled in this case study puts the county in the top 1% of such organizations nationally. The division’s mission is to promote safety, stability, self-sufficiency, and behavioral change for county residents. Its services include assistance for basic needs like food, support, and shelter for clients such as veterans, seniors, individuals with developmental disabilities, and adults and children in need of protection.


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