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Unified Media Management Streamlines Communication at Large Property and Casualty Insurer


How one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the world simplifies content management and compliance while increasing communication effectiveness for 100,000 users

Traditionally, organizations have needed separate systems to create, capture, manage, and share different types of content based on the media type. Documents and transactional content required an enterprise content management (ECM) system, while photos, images, and other brand assets called for a digital asset management (DAM) solution. Rich media, especially video, needed a completely different platform. As a leader in their industry, our customer suspected that an enterprise platform that unifies the management of this media would yield benefits across the entire company.


With tens of thousands of employees and agents serving more home and auto policyholders than most other insurers worldwide, our customer relies on an array of media to share information and conduct business. Over time, however, the company had lost control over the management of this content. Without an enterprise solution to manage it, the content was everywhere: disparate systems, local drives, hard drives, even thumb drives. In many cases, users lacked a complete understanding of the different classifications of sensitive information and their associated implications. In a highly regulated industry, company executives understood the importance of governance, risk management, and compliance and knew this current state put the company at risk. With all of this in mind, they faced the challenge of unifying the management of all their digital media. Their goal is to securely and reliably manage, share, and track media and its consumption by internal and external audiences across diverse business processes, formats, and devices.


After evaluating several vendors, the company realized that most platforms possessed one relative strength or another. One touted video management but lacked the other required capabilities or vice versa. After an exhaustive search, the company selected Genus Technologies’ flagship product, Media Upshot, to provide an enterprise platform to unify media management for the entire company.


As a result of this unified media management initiative, our customer achieved far-reaching benefits across its entire enterprise:

  • Unified media management for 100,000 licensed users
  • Efficient delivery, streaming, and consumption tracking of compliance-mandatory video to 18,000 agent offices
  • Automatic classification of sensitive and private content during the upload process to ensure all content is managed and shared securely and in compliance with applicable guidelines
  • Automated delivery of content using the proper channel (peer-to-peer, internal streaming, or content delivery network [CDN]) based on content type and security classification
  • Complete support for live and on-demand streaming video
  • One-step publishing, so users need to publish content only once and can publish or unpublish content on demand
  • Automatic delivery of legal and compliance documents with all videos and other rich media to ensure proper usage
  • Automated delisting of content based on retention policies, so content is purged when it is no longer of value
  • Superior functionality for editing, managing and publishing over 100,000 employee and agent profile photos
  • Complete ADA compliance for all content following all federal guidelines

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