May 11, 2021

Improving Accounts Payable Department Efficiency with AP Automation [OnDemand Webinar]

Accounts payable is a critical part of every business and takes up about 49% of every finance team’s time according to the AQPC’s Open Standards Benchmarking Database.  Time is money and automation can greatly reduce costs with a decrease of up to 48% in processing time.  

Our in-house experts Loran Streit and Brian DeuPree will walk you through ways AP departments leverage automation to build a more efficient and effective department.

Loran shared the struggles of manual data entry errors or missing invoices, and how Kofax ReadSoft Online™ can virtually eliminate those issues and reduces cost-per-invoice to less than $1.

Along with automating everyday accounts payable tasks, the solution easily and seamlessly integrates into many ERPs. Brian highlights a “day in the life” of a user – showcasing scalability for operations of all sizes and the ease of mitigating common errors like typos or duplications.

Sound like something you’re interested in learning more about, watch the OnDemand Webinar or reach out to sales@genustechnologies.com to get a personalized demo using invoices from your AP department.

Watch the OnDemand Webinar

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