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Kofax Exptertise
Your Kofax Software Can Do More.
We Can Show You How.
Accelerate intelligent automation success and ROI on your Kofax investment with our proven process and platinum-level expertise.

Your Recipe for Intelligent Automation Success

With Kofax intelligent automation, you can remove costs, speed processing, and improve your capture-centric processes. To get you there, we take time to understand your vision and your business goals – then build a roadmap that gets you results. Here’s how:

Kofax Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation Expertise

  1. Banking
    Automated classification and extraction of complex forms
  2. Mobile
    App development, integration, and enablement
  3. Process Orchestration
    Transform processes and add efficiency
  4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Relieve staff from repetitive, unconscious work
  5. Advanced Analytics
    Get data insights that improve staff productivity and process performance.
  6. Kofax Platinum Partner
    We excel at designing, building, implementing, and supporting Kofax solutions.

Cognitive Capture

Let us show you how Kofax cognitive capture creates actionable information from inbound documents by transforming the expensive, manual capture processes that slow down your document and data processing.

  • Capture

    Capture all types of documents across your organization with proven multi-channel acquisition capabilities from scanners, mobile devices, inbound fax systems, email, file systems, and multifunction devices.

  • Improve

    Get more precise downstream data with technologies that enhance the quality of scanned images.

  • Transform

    Turn your documents into sources of usable business data.

  • Distributed Networks

    Capture documents at a central site, at remote offices, in the field, or wherever they are located.

  • Form Friendly

    Form-specific solutions for healthcare, insurance, and other critical forms.

  • Core Operations

    Automate processing of invoices, claims, communications, emails and more.

Kofax Depth

Our team has achieved over 140 separate Kofax product certifications across the entire Kofax product family, including:

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