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NUXEO Expertise
Modern AND Trustworthy Content Services?
Yes, You Can Have Both.
You can rely on the cloud-native Nuxeo Platform and our 25+ years of ECM and DAM experience to unlock the full potential of your business with fully modern content and data technologies.
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Get Better Information Management Now

We help companies implement the Nuxeo Platform to enable the development and deployment of faster, more cost-effective content applications that help speed ideas to market.

lets you:

The Nuxeo Advantage

Cloud-native, the Nuxeo platform is a visionary content services platform built with the most modern technologies. With Nuxeo, you can youhandle all your data and content and make better use of the information they contain.

  • Scalable

    Enterprise-level search and discovery for all file types, systems, and repositories

  • Flexible

    Manage all file formats natively including video, audio, 3D files and images.

  • Low-Code

    Create customized content applications in weeks, not months.

  • Compliant

    Manage and control records and data systems throughout your business.

  • Trainable AI

    Leverage AI and machine learning to deliver continuous automation improvements.

Genus Nuxeo Expertise

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  • Fedex

Reimagine what your content can do for your business.

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