Genus ActiveStore

Insurance Multimedia Made Easy

Unlock the value of video and other multimedia to eliminate errors and reduce processing times.

Transform Your Business with Content-Based Automation

  • Life-Cycle Governance + Storage

    • Enable efficient life-cycle management for large multimedia objects.  
  • Assets You Can Access

    • Process video, audio, and other multimedia in the same fashion as traditional documents.  
  • Tracking + Analytics

    • Tie the cost of multimedia management to each individual claim or policy.  
  • Standardized Multimedia Viewer

    • Play and view all video and audio files the same way including proprietary, complex, and rare content formats.  
  • Integrated Technology

    • Add multimedia capabilities to your core systems and integrate with existing systems of record such as IBM Content Services.  
  • Claims Processing + Collaboration

    • Comment, edit, and securely share your assets with a simple interface purpose-built for insurance.  

Comprehensive Repository with Powerful Viewing Capabilities

Let claim examiners, adjusters, policy technicians, and underwriters do the work of settling claims and writing policies by having Genus ActiveStore take care of the non-productive activities associated with viewing or consuming multimedia content.   

ActiveStore features include:
  • Unlimited number of asset renditions
  • Life-cycle governance tracking
  • Distribution management for external repositories and networks
  • Time-based metadata support
  • Integrated, full-text search of metadata and object contents
  • Multimedia viewer with time-based commenting, location tagging, and file trimming  

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