Nuxeo Video Suite by Genus Technologies

Extend the current video capabilities of Nuxeo.

Now, not only can you easily access your video assets from Nuxeo, but with the Nuxeo Video Suite, you can caption, subtitle, and stream them in real time, all within the same platform. No external tools. No opening another browser window. No additional upload. Just a streamlined user experience that makes everyone’s jobs easier.

Genus can help you unlock more value in your Nuxeo DAM.

Unlock the power of video in the Nuxeo Platform.

Enhanced Video Player

Enhance the user’s viewing experience to control play mode, pause, picture-in-picture, full-screen mode, playback speeds, and volume for easy and efficient viewing. Use the storyboard (keyframes) to easily browse the contents of the video.


Captions are autogenerated with AI-powered, industry-leading speech-to-text services. The captions are time-aligned, displayed in the player as an overlay on the video, and stored within Nuxeo. Users can turn the captions on or off during playback improving accessibility to video content.

Subtitles and Translation

Simplify the creation of subtitles by automatically generating them in the users' native language or in multiple languages allowing videos to reach a larger global audience.

Live Streaming

In conjunction with the streaming module, the enhanced player provides support for streaming of live events. These events could be small group meetings or large corporate communications. You can easily schedule, notify users, broadcast the live event, and record for playback later.

Video Streaming

For customers managing long-form video or supporting heavy concurrent video consumption, Nuxeo Video Suite offers video streaming. Streaming will allow adaptive bit rate (ABR) playback for an optimal viewing experience. It also allows users to scrub through the video or move to a specific spot in the video through keyframe selection with minimal buffering.

Nuxeo Video Suite

Make your Nuxeo DAM even better with the enhanced video capabilities available in the Nuxeo Video Suite by Genus.  This short video shows the Video Suite in action.  

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