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Drive Business Efficiency and Staff Satisfaction

Lower cycle times, reduce costs, and eliminate costly non-cognitive work with intelligent business process transformation.


Better Processes

Properly transformed business processes free staff from non-cognitive efforts so they can concentrate on decision-making. Exceptions occur only when necessary, tedious activities are automated and there are real-time views into transaction status.


Complete History

Transformed processes record every action (and inaction) involved with processing work to provide new insights into transaction iterations and your business as a while. broader business. Easily measure staff performance, transaction performance, process efficiency, and more.


Bring Order to Chaos

Eliminate ineffective ad hoc actions with orchestration that immediately delivers a level of control, visibility, and management not possible in a manual realm. Modern tooling makes initial deployment simple, enabling continuous improvement.

Your Business Processes, Our Experience

Genus consultants bring years of experience to clearing inefficiency and overhead out of business processes.


System Orchestration

We integrate necessary manual, digital, internal, and external systems to provide new, well-defined, predictable, and measurable processes.

People Orchestration

People Orchestration

We build easy- to- use systems that help your staff complete their assignments quickly, with minimum exception handling.

Document Automation

Document Automation

State-of-the-art machine learning and AI technologies now easily automate extraction and conversion of unstructured data, freeing up your workers to do productive work.



With the help of AI, robotic systems make quick work of automating repetitive tasks that require little thinking or decision-making. Properly programmed robots make zero errors.


Human Experience

Improve interactions with people both inside and outside your organization with processes that are simple, intuitive, and timely.


Intense Measurement

Improve customer service and experience by using captured data to surface and resolve process bottlenecks.

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"Proud to have them as our long-term partner Once Genus Technologies came on board to help... we were able to complete the project with zero critical production issues. That is nothing short of phenomenal, but no surprise to us. Genus Technologies is well known for the professionalism and diligence of its team, and we are proud to have them as our long-term partner for all things Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax)."
Jeff Stratton, Senior Project Manager
AMN Healthcare


Solving complex digital transformation challenges


Focused on content capture and process automation


Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax), IBM, Hyland's Nuxeo & ServiceNow technical specialty & expertise


Solving complex digital transformation challenges

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