Genus AgiliTeams - Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) TotalAgility® Integration for Microsoft Teams

Do All Your Work Within a Single Interface

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Enable a New Way of Working

AgiliTeams, the integration of Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) TotalAgility® for Microsoft Teams, is a Teams App that delivers TotalAgility work queue management capabilities in the familiar workspace many workers rely on most of the business day. Empower your organization to work within Microsoft Teams' user-friendly interface where staff can easily communicate, collaborate, and accomplish more than was ever possible with disconnected user experiences.


Streamline Tasks Within a Single Microsoft Teams Interface

Employee Flexibility

Give users a choice of working in the TotalAgility interface or from Microsoft Teams.

Work from Anywhere

AgiliTeams delivers the work where you want it in Teams - desktop, web, or mobile.

Easy Access

Launch AgiliTeams directly from the Teams app bar.

Streamline Work

Quickly and easily move from one business context to another and meet today's demands for more and more productivity.

Immediate Response

Chat directly with TotalAgility. Ask the bot questions and get instant answers.

No Jumping Between Work

Reduce context switching interruptions and stay focused.

Teams Chat Saves Time

Collaborate with co-workers via chat or calls to quickly answer any questions.

No Jumping Between Work

Assign work to yourself and others from the task list or chat.

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