Automate Form CMS-1500 + UB-04 Processing

Get more value from your investment in medical claims processing.

Save Time with Automation

Save Time with Automation 

Validates input for  policy holders and providers, automates bill return, simplifies responses.

Observe and Adapt to Change

Observe and Adapt to Change 

Productivity reporting, chokepoint identification, real-time analytics where you need them.

Move Claims Along Faster

Move Claims Along Faster

Speed up  your  process with  task assignment, dynamic supervision, and  automatic  escalations.

Genus  Workflow Makes It Easy

Genus  Workflow Makes It Easy 

ActiveClaim™ from Genus Technologies covers virtually all the process steps contained within a typical bill ingestion workflow.

Reduce HCFA and UB Form Processing Costs

Genus ActiveClaim™ complements Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) Claims Agility to simplify the claim and bill ingestion process, and leverages Tungsten Automation TotalAgility® to automate almost every process step associated with a form CMS-1500 and UB-04 bill ingestion workflow.

Process Governance

Process Governance

Enable data-driven process evolution for managing claims.

Medical Bill Extraction and Validation

Medical Bill Extraction and Validation

Validate data in correctly completed forms - ActiveClaim makes it happen effortlessly.


Modular Ingestion Workflows

Fits the requirements of any carrier’s system of record and adapt to changes.

Automatic Exception Escalations

Automatic Exception Escalations

Proactively sense and respond to aging items and other process exceptions.

Simple to Integrate with All Carrier Core Systems

Simple to Integrate with All Carrier Core Systems

RPA matches claims with the adjudication systems and providers with payment systems.

Communicate with Consistency

Communicate with Consistency

Communicate via purpose-built templates for insurance, Customer Communications Manager makes processing claims fast and simple.

How it Works

Manage the High Cost of High Volume

Claims received on standard CMS-1500 and UB-04 forms are costly and time-consuming to ingest and process. With ActiveClaim from Genus Technologies, your medical and workers’ compensation claims team can:

  • Automatically verify that the patient is covered and the provider is approved for payment
  • Ensure claims forms are completed consistent with your standards
  • Provide dynamic supervision and oversight for manual tasks
  • Automate the bill return process and escalations
  • Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming custom coding and “one-off” solution development
  • Leverage complementary technologies from Kofax including robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Receive real-time measurements, productivity reporting and chokepoint identification
  • Eliminate process chokepoints
  • Create a more touchless, friction-free process

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