Digital Asset Management

Seamlessly manage and access all digital and rich media assets with a comprehensive platform to provide security, flexibility and extensibility.

Genus will help you implement a Digital Asset Management solution that adapts to your needs.

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Choose the Right DAM Solution for You

Genus believes in helping customers find a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that meets their unique needs and can grow with their business. Whether you require an on-premise solution or wish to deploy in the cloud, Genus has a solution that can harness the full power of DAM to transform your business.

Ingest & Enrich

Ingest & Enrich

Manage all rich media assets including photos, graphics, illustrations, video, and audio files.

Automate & Streamline

Automate & Streamline

Empower your creative teams and product managers with configurable workflows.

Review & Revise

Review & Revise

Review, edit, and approve content with a complete audit trail.

Search & Discover

Search & Discover

Configure flexible data model and taxonomies for advanced search capabilities.

Publish & Analyze

Publish & Analyze

Easily publish your assets and view analytics on each of them.

Genus Digital Asset Management Expertise

Genus Technologies offers a unique blend of experience, expertise, and partnership, built over 20 years in the industry, to organizations facing complex digital asset management challenges.

Genus has delivered solutions across a variety of industry verticals including: Insurance, CPG, Media & Entertainment, Transportation & Logistics, and Higher Education. All our solutions have integrations with key business applications that put DAM at the center of critical business processes. Our team has extensive experience with video management and the unique delivery and storage challenges it presents. This includes the implementation of streaming solutions, in conjunction with the DAM, for delivering live and video on demand content reaching a global audience.

It all starts with a discovery that includes workshops with your key stakeholders to understand their current needs and expected areas of future growth. After that, a thorough solution design and implementation plan is constructed.  We use an iterative implementation approach to ensure you see immediate value in the solution while we deliver the remaining functionality in subsequent iterations. This approach allows us to adjust the implementation plan as you are using the solution to incorporate user feedback.

Once the implementation is complete, you are assigned an Account Manager and the Genus Customer Success team is engaged to ensure ongoing operational excellence.

Benefits of a DAM Solution

Eliminate content silos.

Increase content collaboration with a centralized repository that delivers ROI and eliminates bottlenecks.

Improve operational efficiencies.

Utilize workflows to streamline all the processes from creation to campaign.

Manage rights management for compliance.

Avoid costly mistakes or legal issues by managing the rights for content with embedded metadata.

Connection to Other Systems

Integrate with business applications providing users access to digital assets in their business context from the tools they use every day.


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