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So Many Documents

Large volumes of complex documents continue to create challenges for digital transformation. To solve the problems specific to your documents and business, focus on what matters most.

The Right Recipe

The Right Recipe

Solving business issues caused by document processing at scale requires expertise across multiple technologies as well as extensive project experience to implement them successfully for a wide range of business processes.

Better Together

Better Together

Intelligent document automation is more than just technology. Technology should serve to improve a process, and the right solution should increase the value people bring to the workplace by allowing them to focus on the most critical needs of the business.

Scalable Success

Scalable Success

Choosing a project that generates the wins you need is half the battle. Aligning efforts to existing capabilities ensures that each effort builds your organizational capacity for ongoing process improvement.

Our Document Automation Expertise

OCR, RPA, machine learning and AI. We implement — and extend — the full complement of technologies required to automate document-based processes for content like digital images, unstructured content, e-mail, and forms.



From traditional back office scanning and distributed capture, to e-mail, mobile and web capture. Process document content from virtually any source and eliminate unnecessary steps.



Classify complex content automatically to reduce labor intensive document review steps. Eliminate barcodes from back office scanning operations. Identify and process business critical content with fewer delays.



Automate the extraction of critical data from your documents. Build a process that understands your content today, adapts as it changes — all while improving results and accuracy.



Focus on what matters. Use validation logic to present operators with targeted corrections in cases where the system was not confident in the extracted data.


Robotic Assistance

Automate repetitive tasks to improve process efficiency and accuracy allowing users to focus on what matters most to your organization.



Build a system that is prepared for the future. Machine learning enables your solution to adapt to changes in content quickly and easily.


Solving complex digital transformation challenges


Focused on content capture and process automation


Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax), IBM, Hyland's Nuxeo & ServiceNow technical specialty & expertise


Solving complex digital transformation challenges

Intelligent Document Automation Successes

We have a 25+ year history of helping banks, government agencies, insurance companies and many other kinds of businesses tackle complex document-related challenges and improve the way they work


Time Reduction

A healthcare staffing agency automated its capture and validation of professional medical staff timesheets and credentials. Their document automation and process transformation achieved a 68% reduction in staff hours previously associated with those tasks.


Productivity Increase

A leading regional bank automated the 1003 mortgage loan process and increased application accuracy and reliability, approval speeds, as well as broker productivity and customer satisfaction.


Labor Cost Avoidance

Workflow consulting and existing technology integration enabled life insurer underwriting to automate intake of handwritten, multilingual application forms, reducing cycle times, error rates and most manual data entry.

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