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ServiceNow Professional Services

The ServiceNow Platform accelerates the way people work by simplifying and streamlining operations – creating a clear path toward digital transformation. When people work better, organizations work better.  

Genus is a ServiceNow Partner with a team of passionate consultants who are certified ServiceNow administrators, application developers and implementation specialists. Our industry knowledge and technical depth help our clients implement, automate and utilize workflows to automate processes, portals, and integrations.

Growth and success require faster development delivered by Now Platform™

  • Utilize App Engine to build powerful low-code apps
  • Fuel rapid delivery with App Engine and Creator Workflows
  • Integrate across critical systems
  • Utilize the Intelligence to track, optimize, and automate decisions

IT Experience Workflows

Employee Workflows

Customer Workflows

Build and Automate with Creator Workflows and App Engine

The Foundation for all workflows
One Platform
One Data Model
One Architecture

Workflows & Integration
Knowledge Base & Service Catalog
Machine Learning, AI, & Analytics
Web, Mobile, & Conversational UX
Developer Tools

Connect your siloed systems with Now Platform™

ServiceNow provides digital workflows that create great user experiences and unlock productivity across the enterprise. Now Platform allows you to build a unified experience for all platforms and workflows creating cohesion and connection across the enterprise.


Now Platform with IntegrationHub can be utilized to integrate systems of record, including content services or enterprise content management (ECM) systems, intelligent automation systems, legacy systems, ERPs, and portals.  Connect the systems to drive innovation, streamline processes, and unlock productivity by making it easier to connect people and systems to the information they need.

Genus, a ServiceNow Specialist Partner, has the foundation of deploying content and automation systems with Kofax TotalAgility, IBM FileNet P8, Hyland-Nuxeo, and many more over the past 25 years.  We help organizations build, automate, and connect by utilizing our experience in these solutions and the Now Platform.

  • Accelerate

    We help you to innovate at speed and scale to outpace the competition.
  • Customer-Centric

    Understanding your business is crucial to implementing workflow automation.
  • Project Team

    Dedicated resources are critical to project success.
  • Staff Aug

    Need some extra assistance on a project?  We have you covered.

Now Platform™ and Creator Workflow Certifications

  • Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
  • Certified Application Developer (CAD)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS)
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