Genus File Explorer for FileNet

A user-friendly solution that brings FileNet to the Windows desktop

Purpose-built to complement FileNet.

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Overcome Your Document Handling Challenges

Streamlining enterprise workflow applications built on top of IBM Content Management and IBM Enterprise Records presents multiple challenges. Genus File Explorer for FileNet answers them all.

Drive Adoption

Drive Adoption

Opening, moving, saving, copying, or creating FileNet objects (including documents and folders) uses the native Windows user experience, simplifying FileNet use and promoting wide-spread user adoption.

Improve Operations

Improve Operations

Mitigates risks and enhances compliance, security, and efficiency across the enterprise by promoting use of systems of record.

Add Capabilities

Add Capabilities

Get new abilities in areas across the enterprise like legal, sales, customer service, and marketing for those less structured tasks that are outside of the core FileNet integrations.

Build to Succeed

Build to Succeed

The Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet complements the IBM Content Navigator (ICN) user experience. With it, FileNet appears like any other storage location in Microsoft Windows applications and on the Windows desktop.

GFEX Short Demo

Quickly see how easy it is for employees to use FileNet with GFEX. The Explorer interface and the ability to open documents in their native format eliminates training and increases user adoption.


Better Oversight

Better Oversight

Add levels of control, compliance, security, and management not possible with file shares or unmanaged repositories.



Seamless and simple use of enterprise content services directly in the Windows desktop.

Mitigates Risks

Mitigates Risks

Significant mitigation of litigation risks.


App Enablement

Direct repository enablement of Windows desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe CC.


Control of Unstructured Data

Formal organization of all unstructured data, easily protecting it and managing the information lifecycle.


Security + Compliance

Effective security for documents containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI), and enablement of compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Key Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet Technical Features:

  • Check in, Check out, Versioning, Drag and Drop
  • FileNet security
  • FileNet Repository properties for Windows interface
  • Multiple FileNet object stores
  • Navigator Sync for offline file access
  • IBM Teamspace
  • Recycle Bin
  • Single Sign On And more...
GFEX interface Screenshot
“Genus File Explorer provides the known Windows user experience and complements other file access methods like ICN. Now FileNet business workloads can be handled in File Explorer just like all other Windows applications."
A Leading Healthcare Provider
FileNet . . Just Like all Other Windows Applications

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