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Experiencing barriers that are impacting your product life cycle management?

  • Time to market isn’t keeping up with the competition when digital commerce demands shorter product life cycles
  • Silos of data such as materials libraries aren’t easily accessible
  • Unable to manage the new VR, 3D, and compound docs
  • Difficulty managing the digital assets, creative content, and guidelines for omnichannel marketing
  • Collaboration in real-time is difficult or non-existent
  • It’s hard to find and reuse assets resulting in duplicates or incorrect assets being utilized
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The challenges may seem overwhelming, but they aren’t.

Hyland's Nuxeo goes beyond traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) by managing all product assets to deliver better digital experiences across the enterprise. This low-code, cloud-native platform takes content beyond the marketing department to connect the entire product life cycle.

Genus delivers solutions that streamline all facets of the product life cycle by eliminating traditional data or media asset silos so your team can collaborate on product details and content in real time. By integrating your PIM, PDM, and PLM systems, you will have access to all assets needed for each team member to streamline their tasks.

The Nuxeo platform supports the management of 3D content, videos, CAD, compound documents, and augmented reality to visualize your products.


"When I am looking for strong talent to help with some of our most complex projects, Genus is always at the top of my list."

Brett A.
SVP, Client Delivery of Hyland's Nuxeo


"Genus delivers creative solutions that have been critical to our success. Within the first 4 months of working with Genus, we completed 5 integrations to unify our content and product data. As a result of ongoing work, we continue to gain significant efficiencies in our digital product creation process."

Joe G. & Shawn E.
Fortune 500 Retailer

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Real-world Benefits

Fortune 500 retailers and consumer products companies have partnered with Genus to significantly increase their product design process efficiencies by utilizing a next-generation Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. By organizing and digitizing their material libraries, integrating with critical product data systems, and enabling collaborative processes for design, they have been able to minimize the use of samples and significantly reduce the time to market.

By creating material libraries, they see textures and material test data next to the information about suppliers, availability, and colors giving them a unified view. The DAM solution supports a variety of content, from 2D images to 3D renderings and texture scans, that are easily discovered through a powerful search interface. With material libraries that are digital, available, easy to modify, and provide visibility into data from other systems, other downstream processes became candidates for optimization.

For example, with every material at their fingertips, designers can create prototypes using 3D rendering software, accessing the necessary materials from the material libraries. The design files are maintained in their master formats, and easy-to-share previews are available for review and approval. A Bill of Materials (BOM) is automatically created and sent to manufacturing when designs are finalized and approved.

The accelerated digital product creation, also known as Product Asset Management, has resulted in millions of dollars saved by transforming how they do business and accelerating time to market.

Make your information work smarter

When you can develop products faster, you can conquer trends and delight your customers. When the data silos are eliminated, you can give your teams the necessary information to do their best work without delay.

Materials Library

Materials Library

Better organize and provide full visibility to all materials needed in the design.

Product Design

Product Design

Design collaboratively and know the material availability, cost, minimum order size, etc.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio

Manage the images to create a consistent library.

Campaign Development

Campaign Development

Deliver the assets and creative content necessary for omnichannel marketing.


Packaging Design

Improve the processes across the enterprise for packaging development.

Content Hubs & Product Knowledge

Content Hubs & Product Knowledge

Deliver content to customer-facing applications and the contact center.

Every product-driven company has a different design process.

Genus helps our customers architect solutions using the low-code, configurable Hyland's Nuxeo platform. We understand your challenges and can help you build the content platform that handles everything you create so you can deliver products to market faster. If your company is ready to boost collaboration, reduce work, and save money, it’s time for us to chat.

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