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How a Leading International Healthcare Provider Got Ironclad Regulatory Compliance Without Changing the Way Users Work

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Operating globally, this healthcare provider faces a complex web of regulatory responsibilities. Full compliance for patient-related records requires clear access, retention, and disposition protocols that can be demonstrated during an audit. Meeting those requirements created challenges because the provider’s employees work across a highly distributed enterprise. Enter the Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet (GFEX). With GFEX, the company’s business users see a folder structure identical to that in Windows Explorer—but when they “drag and drop” sensitive records, the files go directly into the FileNet repository for ironclad control. GFEX’s use of this familiar interface creates a double benefit by eliminating the need for any retraining while driving seamless, wide-spread user adoption.
“With GFEX, we allow all our back-office users to continue to manage records in exactly the same way as before. The difference is that intelligent automation from GFEX makes sure that every record is stored in IBM FileNet—not a shared drive—with the correct retention and disposition schedule, and a full audit trail.”
- Spokesperson, leading healthcare provider


A Fortune 500 company, this international healthcare provider serves thousands of people around the world each day with in- and out-patient services. In addition to working continuously to provide transformative care, the company has been repeatedly recognized for its innovative approach to medicine, leadership, development initiatives, and social responsibility efforts.


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